Hi I'm Kat


I would love to be your guide in the co-creation of your wellness journey. I am so excited to meet you! 


I am an Occupational Therapist who specializes in Intimacy and Energetics. My approach encompasses the Mind, Body, and Spirit thus supporting an integrative approach to wellness. 


It is my belief that the health of a relationship begins at the roots. The capacity to understand each other, provide support, and be effective communicators is dependent on how we  show up.


“The ability to know another comes from a deep desire to truly know yourself.” 


I have furthered my education in the areas of: Neurolinguistic Programming, Sex and Intimacy, HeartMath, Myofascial Release, Mind Body Connective Wisdom & Therapeutic Pain Science to help personalize each session to meet your individual needs.


My approach allows me to meet you where you are currently at and support you as you move forward towards optimizing your relationship with yourself.


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