Are you ready to achieve optimal health, wellness, and inner peace? 


In this 6 Week Interactive Course you will learn the MOST vital 5 foundational skills, leading to:


  • A greater understanding of yourself.
  • A stronger foundation of health and wellness
  • Deeper more meaningful connections
  • Greater life satisfaction and happiness





6 Week Self Paced Course 



After spending years working in traditional western medicine, what I quickly learned was that people are craving connection and understanding.


The ability to achieve those things begins with the ability to KNOW YOURSELF. 


Pay attention because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn for your health and relationship. If you don’t get it right now, it could cost you continued years of feeling disconnected, lonely, and lost.

Where most people think this is just a "normal part of a life", or that "this is just how it is and I'm stuck"—what they’re missing is the CRUCIAL step that comes before anything else; the part they play in the turmoil they are experiencing

Without improved understanding, knowledge and skills, further conflict arises. Leading to years of continued unhappiness...


Are you ready to learn more about yourself and foundational skills that were often missed in traditional education?

Join me for the next enrollment of The Foundation of You MASTERMIND program where we will be learning about:

1) Childhood Development and the Subconscious Mind

2) Self Awareness

3) Self Regulation

4) Self Care

5) Self Pleasure

6) Self Reliance

Welcome to the Foundation of You MASTERCLASS.

Does this sound like you? 


◆  Seeking direction and Life's purpose

◆ Highly reactive during conflict or experiences

◆ Live a high stressed lifestyle

◆  Feelings of disconnection, frustration, self-doubt

◆ Feeling lost, confused, sad, or anxious



What if I told you there was a way to live a more expansive life?

Your life 


  • Poor ability to navigate conflict resolution.
  • Feeling lost or disconnected from your self and purpose.
  • Highly stressed and experiencing physical symptoms of illness. 
  • Decreased sex life and disconnection from your loved ones.
  • Feeling depleted in your current relationship with little hope of improvement. 
  • Seeking guidance but unsure where to start. 

Your life 


  • An understanding of how your behaviors contribute to the complexities of your daily life.
  • Improvement in self awareness, self acceptance, and self love.
  • The "how to's" on improving areas of your life that have been challenging.
  • Tools and exercises to increase connection and understanding of yourself and loved one. 


The Foundations of You

An interactive course  building the foundation of understanding of yourself without spending years in therapy.

Foundations of YOU Course



  • 6 self paced modules
  • Weekly integration exercises
  • Writing prompts
  • A supportive community 
  • A list of resources for continued exploration
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Success Stories

After working with Kat I have continued to make progress months later. I have never been more clear of what I want, where I'm going, and what I need in a partner.


Thank you so much for providing me with the knowledge that I didn't even know I was missing!

Tom C

After I finished working with Kat, I feel more physically attractive than I have in a really long time. I had no idea that this was an area that was affecting my confidence or ability to show up in work, at home, and in my relationship. I have reconnected to the person I actually am and notice when I start to lose my identity. I have started to prioritize my own needs and it feels really good.

Rachel W

I was introduced to the field of self development because of my own struggles with feeing lost, confused, and frustrated.


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I am a western medicine trained therapist and found myself stuck in a period of feeling lost, confused, and frustrated. I was repeating the SAME patterns of behavior over and over and could not figure out "what was wrong with me." Through my own process of self discovery, healing, and many many many courses, I found the answers that helped me to break through the barriers that I was experiencing. 


I am so proud of the work that I do and have personally experienced every modality and lesson that I teach. I hope that you learn more about yourself leading to more overall life satisfaction and vitality. 

Why Sign up?


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Develop an understanding of yourself so that you can push through barriers that are keeping you stuck.

Acquire the tools and education needed to progress your own self development. 

Receive exercises that will improve your overall life satisfaction and connection to the real you. 

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