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Work with Me

Private 1:1 Work with Kat

This is a 4 month intensive  and life changing experience  for those of you who are ready to energetically change every part of your life. Rates vary depending on single or couple commitment
*Can be zoom or in person (Austin, TX) 
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Corporate Wellness 

Plan a curated workshop tailored to your companies needs for all things health, wellness, and connection building. 


Book a consultation call to discuss all options and packages. 

*Can be zoom or in person (Austin, TX) 


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Foundations of You Masterclass

Take this course at your own pace! 
  • 6 self paced modules
  • Weekly exercises
  • Resources for continued exploration and learning 


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"I cannot vouch enough for the care and compassion she has shown me as a client. If you’re looking for an opportunity to change for the better, this is it!"

Tomas C. 


"It's crazy how much I've changed in THREE sessions. Since meeting you I feel confident being alone and not feeling like I NEED another person to make me happy and whole".

Steph G.

"After improving the awareness of my own behaviors, it's crazy how much that positively influenced my relationships with my husband. And because of that, I now feel more physically attractive than I have in a LONG time." 

Pat W. 

Video Testimonials 

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Trees are seen as powerful symbols of growth and resurrection.


They represent physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, union and fertility.  

Trees also parallel the potential for the creation of a conscious relationship.


Your expansion personally and within the relationship is dependent on the health and depth of the root system.

Hi I'm Kat!


I am an Integrative Wellness Therapist specializing in Intimacy and Connection. My mission is to help each individual reach their full potential while creating a shared container for healing and expansion.  I believe that the better you know and understand yourself, the deeper you can take your relationships.

Who I help: 

If you are feeling that stress, anxiety, self-doubt and depression may be impacting  your ability to find or maintain a healthy intimate relationship, I would love to work with you.


How I help: 

Together we’ll explore the root cause of imbalances within your relationships. 

  1. Identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in a relationship

  2. Become aware of how your energetic state of being is impacting your partner. 

  3. Empower you to feel confident in navigating conflict management

  4. Provide you with knowledge and support to understand how your behavior contributes to the overall connection. 

  5. Assign weekly individual and intimacy building exercises to immediately improve your connection. 


Why Work with Me? 

  • I am 100% committed to your success and you will FEEL that in working with me. I work very closely with each of my clients.  

  • I offer full support during the 4 months with private access to ask me questions in between sessions. 

  • I will hold you accountable while providing the most support and encouragement. 

  • I show up full of energy during every session guaranteed. 

"Everyone needs this information and guidance. I tell everyone about it because it's so foundational to my very existence. Not to mention my understanding of my spouse." 

David R.

"I am in complete awe of the changes I have made internally in this program. My perception on life has shifted and I am able to access a lot more peace and self love." 

Brittany L. 

"I feel better than I have in 14 years. I’m excited for my future now and improving myself mentally and not just physically."

Eric J. 

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